April 11, 2012

pieces of me

We've been butting heads.  I can blame it on you being my wild child, or your sudden inability to hear.  

I might even blame it on all those new friends you've made in kindergarten.  (I know I sure as heck didn't teach you that attitude. I think.)

I often blame it on the fact that you're a boy and your energy is beyond anything I can comprehend.

But somewhere I know...and I know this from experience...that we will always butt heads because we are very much alike.  And I also know... again from experience... that we will come out on the other side just fine.

That experience I have? I was you; my mom was me.  There's a piece of her in me and you can bet there are pieces of me in you.

You are my afraid to fail;
my let me fix this for you…
You are my timid side;
my easy laugh.

You are my “If I can’t ace it on the first go, I don't want to go for it.”
my eager to please and afraid to disappoint.
You are my child. 

And I'm pretty proud of that.

April 9, 2012

Tyler {Class of 2012} St. Louis Senior Photographer

Introducing Tyler: Chaminade Class of 2012.  We had some very nice weather on Good Friday despite the recent cool down.  Perfect day in St. Louis for some senior portraits at Faust Park.  

April 5, 2012

Jack {5 days new} St. Louis Newborn Photographer

I know Jack.  Well, maybe not like his parents know him but I did get to spend quite some time with him this week.

Jack is adorable and a pretty mellow little guy.  Hardly a cry out of him the whole time.  He wanted nothing to do with being posed or wearing any cute little hats.  He's very manly like that.

Jack has some very cool, laid back parents.  He also has his own body guard... who watched over him protectively.  With all that its no wonder he seemed to be very content in his new home.

Here's a sneak peek at Jack in his new home.