November 10, 2012

Around Autumn | Catching Up

We had a lot of illness, hospital visits, minor surgeries and such this past Fall.  It's time to catch up on the blog.  Here's what happened in November...

Another fail at family photos for Christmas Cards.  Its kind of amusing that I even attempt to get the boys to do posed pictures for the holiday cards... The holiday cards that I never get around to doing but still talk like I'm all on it each year.  Aiden has trouble looking at the camera or even having the camera pointed at him.  This past year its been pretty bad.  That's a whole 'nother blog post of its own though.  The only time he can keep it together in front of the camera is with his big brother and then I get a ton of pictures of Evan manhandling Aiden's face, with an occasional sweet picture of two seemingly loving brothers.

We also lost another chicken (we're down to three if anyone is counting).  It was Aiden's chicken but he just casually announced that he would get another one.  Evan sat in attendance at the "burial" with his favorite hen on his lap, Sweet Tweet.  He insisted on helping bury Sweet Chick.  He has a perfect balance of sadness and quiet bravery during these losses.  Makes me think this kid is gonna turn out to be a fine young man.  Then he cries for an hour over having to eat a bite of salad and shoots his little brother in the face with a nerf gun and I'm back to "his father sure has a lot of work to shape that boy into a fine young man"

I love salad and don't shoot guns so he definitely doesn't get it from me.