July 21, 2013

A lazy Saturday adventure

A quick trip for a slushie; permission to take his seatbelt off while we checked out bison and elk; a walk through the woods (possibly in a patch of poison ivy); and discovering elk scat (lots of scat).


I can't believe I haven't been to Lone Elk Park.  How did I not know they had a World Bird Sanctuary?

I had actually been on the phone with them twice this past week regarding an ailing baby robin but didn't realize until we were at the sanctuary and saw the Wildlife Hospital sign.

By the way the Wildlife Hospital has very friendly staff who does not laugh at you when you're trying to help a baby bird and who will let you in all little known facts such as sometimes baby birds have more than one father.

July 14, 2013

A very happy Fourth of July

My very awesome mother decided to treat her kids (and their spouses and kids) to an impromptu family vacation in Kansas City.  We added an extra day on to the trip and stopped about an hour outside of KC to visit our "country" sister for the fourth of July holiday and some small town fireworks (a very nice break from the overcrowded firework displays at home where the trek to and from the car takes longer than the fireworks)

 They are well supervised (I actually cloned out my husbands toes because it messed up the shot but he's right there)

We stuck to smoke bombs (and a smoke canon), black snakes, and poppers

The kids were thrilled.

At dusk we headed on to a nearby fireworks display that put on an impressive show
Last year we were mid drought for the fourth of July and almost all the fireworks displays were cancelled.  My youngest doesn't even remember seeing fireworks.  I'm very happy we were able to remind him :)