August 2, 2012

Outer Banks Vacation Pictures: the iPhone version (and some reviews)

The entire week my "big" camera only made it out of the safety of our room a total of four times.  The humidity, the water, the sand, were everywhere and I chose to enjoy the R&R instead of worrying about the safety of my camera.

Unfortunately, for the sake of R&R my phone was often left behind as well.  I have plenty of pictures of the view from the car (lots of mountains = lots of pretty views).  It wasn't until day 6 that I remembered I had bought this waterproof phone pouch specifically for the trip:

Waterproof Case for Phones, Digital Camera, GPS & Other Small Devices - IPX8 Certified to 100 Feet

I had high hopes of getting underwater pictures of the kids in the pool now that they'll both put their faces underwater.  It didn't happen.  First, my husband did NOT want me taking the iPhone he just got me as a mother's day gift under water despite my pre-vacation testing of the waterproof case. Second, I didn't remember I had brought it until my sister decided to take her daughter para-sailing and wanted to get a pictures while up there (doh!). My sister also inadvertently tested the cases waterproof claims when they dunked them in the ocean at the end of the trip.  Its waterproof alright.

(photo credit: Amy Bischoff)

So it wasn't until or last evening that the iPhone came to the beach sealed in its waterproof case.  Thanks to that one evening I have a bunch of video clips and beach pictures.  I was impressed with how easy it was to operate the phone through the plastic and it didn't seem to take too much away from the quality of the pics.  Here's a small portion of our vacation captured by the iPhone (photos are unedited; I have no idea why some of the pics are so blue)
I was so happy with the pictures.  They look great on my phone! Upon arriving home there was a packet of pictures that had been delivered.  I had used an app called to get the pictures on my phone printed prior to leaving.  They did a good job printing them but it is now obvious that cell phone pictures just aren't that great of quality when printed (though the ones where I had the camera resting on a flat surface to steady it were much better).

PostalPix has some great products though.  They do square prints (perfect for those instagram shots) and metal prints.  I had to order one of the square metal prints and love how it came out.  It felt really good to set those phone pictures free and get them printed; I would definitely use them again.  But seeing the prints was a good reminder that my phone is great for pictures but cannot replace my real cameras.

Disclaimer:  PostalPix is not paying or requesting me to do review their services.  In fact, they have no idea I exist.  Probably.

August 1, 2012

Let's go to the Beach | Outer Banks 2012 Vacation

The beach.... one of my favorite places.  I'm especially fond of this one in the Outer Banks since Phil proposed here and we came back the following year to get married on the same beach.  If you can mentally block out the very looong drive its the perfect vacation.  27 people in one house, one 9 bedroom house, private pool and hot tub, short walk to the beach and lots of family time.

This was just after arriving... notice Aiden's (on the right) happy jig.  Happy to be out of the car; happy to be seeing the ocean:

First taste of the salt water:

 Oh yeah, that's pure joy on his face:

 And that's the taste of saltwater on his face:

 Boogie boarding

Evenings on the beach were the best

Cousins who haven't seen each other in years:

Family beach shot (thanks Amy!)

Almost all of the grandkids with my mom (who made this trip possible, thank you mom!)

And my East Coast(ish) neices who I only get to see every few years

We already have so many special memories of our times spent in the Outer Banks and now we have even more.  I love my family :)