November 17, 2011

Still working on choosing names, My husband is stalking me

I know, I know, I'm way behind on posting pictures and still haven't named the chickens.

Thanks for all the name suggestions, here and on FB.  Quite a few are under consideration.  It needs to be a family decision and Phil is too busy to be bothered with picking names right now.  Phil can be rude sometimes.  He doesn't understand ya'll are on the edge of your seats waiting to find out the names we pick. I understand though because I care about all of YOU.   In the meantime I'm still running around calling the chickens "hey".

Phil has also realized recently that he is occasionally mentioned on the blog here.

This is not exactly a good thing.

Now he's actively trying to get a blog mention.  Its almost like he's auditioning.

His "auditions" include creating imaginary fights than bellowing "blog that one"

Let's see, he also created a really big pile of laundry and named it.  Ummm, how original babe.  Already blogged that but thanks for the "new" material. And thanks for the extra day of having to do laundry. really.

There's more.  I won't embarrass him further.

Oh man, I hope I didn't just encourage him further.

Or tick him off.  He's already got me sleeping with one eye open. Ever since last week when I told him I was feeling depressed and he replied by telling me "depression hurts. depression hurts everybody." I punched him so he could feel the hurt of my depression and told him he was lucky I hadn't stabbed him.  30 minutes later he's in the kitchen sharpening his knives.  He says he was sharpening them in preparation for hunting season.  Really?  Oh yeah, I'm sure that timing was all just coincidence.

Just to be safe here's a picture of him being nice.

On a positive note all four chickens are now laying eggs.  That means we get about two dozen eggs a week. I will never have to pay for eggs again.

November 9, 2011

Our egg production just doubled but our chickens need names

We did a lot of work on the coop this weekend.  Getting it ready for winter with window insulation; painting the siding, expanding their 'free range' area. Here's the before and after:
I'm not a big fan of the blue but it was free.

While we were doing this work one of the other chickens laid her first egg.  So now we have two of the four chickens laying

The boys have been very waffle-y (hmmm, spell check says that's not a word. I say; it is now) on what the chickens names are.

Simone became Bouncy Ball;
Bouncy Ball became Sweet Tweet;
Sweet Tweet (#2) got changed to Tweet Tweet;
Sweet Chick has remained the same but we usually just call her trouble.

My head is spinning.

I told the boys we were giving the girls new names.

We have four girls, we need four names.

I'm open to suggestions... please feel free to post them here.  Just please don't suggest anything with sweet, tweet, chick, or ball in the name.

I considered naming them after my four sisters but one chicken is a little crazy, one is a little mean, and one is a little dumb so I'm pretty sure I would be disowned if I did that.

Suggest away!  The winner gets a golden egg.

And by golden I mean brown.

November 4, 2011

Christmas Card Photos: Attempt 1

I was armed with M&Ms and Skittles this year (thank you very much Halloween candy collection)

This is what I get?!?!!

Yes, I know what you're thinking:  They're still pretty cute and amusing. Well, there is no audio with these pictures so of course you think that.
Usually its the younger one smiling and the older one making goofy faces.

Even big brother doesn't want to be near him while he's in this mood.  Wait, is it called a mood if it lasts for more than 6 months? Or is it a personality disorder?

I am saving all of these pictures for when they're teenagers.  Then I'll be using these for our family Christmas card.  And mailing it to their friends.

November 3, 2011

Six Years Old

I know, I know.... he turned six over a month ago.  That's how far behind I am in life. I was considering back-dating this post to September but decided not to since figuring that out might set me behind another week or so. 

He's in kindergarten now, he rides the bus to school, and has somehow turned in to this mature little man who helps around the house, only antagonizes his little brother some of the time, and now only allows kisses on the forehead or cheek.

He is still scared of the dark (and the scary things that might be hiding in the dark) so I'm still needed.  Well, for that and for meals.  Our microwave is very high up and he's still not allowed to use the oven.

He can do "normal" smiles for pictures now if I bribe him enough but he's not so mature he doesn't laugh at tooting jokes (do boys ever mature out of that?)

Happy Birthday Evan! Age six has been great so far, maybe you can stay this age for a few years?