November 3, 2011

Six Years Old

I know, I know.... he turned six over a month ago.  That's how far behind I am in life. I was considering back-dating this post to September but decided not to since figuring that out might set me behind another week or so. 

He's in kindergarten now, he rides the bus to school, and has somehow turned in to this mature little man who helps around the house, only antagonizes his little brother some of the time, and now only allows kisses on the forehead or cheek.

He is still scared of the dark (and the scary things that might be hiding in the dark) so I'm still needed.  Well, for that and for meals.  Our microwave is very high up and he's still not allowed to use the oven.

He can do "normal" smiles for pictures now if I bribe him enough but he's not so mature he doesn't laugh at tooting jokes (do boys ever mature out of that?)

Happy Birthday Evan! Age six has been great so far, maybe you can stay this age for a few years?


  1. Trent turned 35 and still laughs at any and all toot jokes.

  2. my boyfriend still laughs at toot jokes... and so do his older brothers.... :)