October 28, 2012

Naomi Rose | St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Catching a newborn smile in their sleep makes my heart go pitter-patter.  What is going on in that tiny little head?  Naomi at 10 days new... such a beautiful baby girl

A candid moment with grandma.

October 24, 2012

Family of Five | St. Louis Family Photographer

We lucked out with beautiful fall weather that felt more like summer.  Three kids who were all in a great moods, two parents who know how to keep their kiddos entertained, and one bunny pez dispenser armed with bribes adds up to some sweet family portraits.
Oh, double trouble!  but the sweetness with these brothers is doubled as well...

October 22, 2012

Naomi Rose | slideshow birth story | {St. Louis Birth Photography}

Its 12 hours summed up in less than 5 minutes.  Its the story of the day Natalie and Caleb brought their little girl, Naomi, in to the world and in to their family.  Its worth watching.

Naomi Rose | a birth story | from Elizabeth Hall on Vimeo.

Naomi Rose | a birth story | {St. Louis Birth Photography}

I was blessed with the opportunity to be able to document Natalie and Caleb's labor and delivery experience.  It was a long day with every emotion present: excitement, boredom, worry, anticipation, elation, fear, exhaustion, awe, and pure amazement and joy as they brought their little girl Naomi into the world. As I uploaded the photos at home and started processing them I went from smiles to tears as I relived the entire amazing experience again.  Below is their story in pictures...it is not all the "gory details", it is about the emotion, the moments, all the little details the mom misses as all she can concentrate on is getting through that next contraction, next push.   [The slideshow is to follow here]

Natalie and Caleb had the support of their moms and some wonderful nurses.

I remember being 8 months pregnant and knowing I wanted my husband to take some pictures of our oldest before, during, and after arrival.  When the time came it was more important that my husband was holding my hand than holding a camera.  I swore I'd never forget but everything happened so fast and life doesn't have a rewind button.  I remember it was the hardest and most exciting thing I'd ever been through.

With baby #2 I was so excited for delivery day; it had been two years since my first experience with the miracle of birth.  The video camera came along and captured some of the experience but again the need for my husbands full attention outweighed the need to document the moment.

I know there are many that feel we are in an age of 'over-sharing' where social media has run rampant and very little is sacred anymore.  Birth photography isn't always for sharing, its for the parents to remember, to relive that amazing time in their life that can be such a blur.  I wish I had something other than my memory to remind me of the moments my children were brought in to the world.  Thank you Natalie for being willing to share these intimate moments so that other moms (or moms to be) realize they do have the option of both holding their partners hand and documenting the day.

October 16, 2012

Any Day Now... {St. Louis Maternity Photography}

She is just a week away from her due date.  This photo session was delayed (err, overdue, ahem) but thankfully her little girl decided to stay inside long enough for us to get some pictures.  Even at 41 weeks she is a beautiful momma.  I know she's anxious to meet her daughter but I'm glad we had a chance to capture this time.  
Any day now... you'll have that little girl in your arms.  And I'll be a Great Aunt - which is a rather redundant title, I think :)   I know the wait is hard but its definitely worth it.

October 15, 2012

Jack | 6 Months and Growing

I swear it was just last month I was taking pictures of Jack newly born; it is so hard to believe he is six months old already.  But there he is sitting up, all smiles, determined to eat his entire fist  :)   Six months is a fun age.  It seems like they learn something new every minute


I'm not the only one who thinks he's adorable... his mom and dad were obviously head over heels for him.

Lots of smiles and laughs with these three...such a happy family.

Thanks for letting me photograph this milestone.  Your family rocks!  Jack is such a cutie...goodness they grow so fast, my [not so] little ones got extra cuddles when I got home.  ;)