June 26, 2012

the sweetest things | Bond Family Photo Session

As Audrey Hepburn once said "Happy girls are the prettiest."  And these two were happy... happy to lay on a blanket, happy to be silly, happy to come up with a few "creative" poses - some sweet ones too, and happy to [gasp!] look at the camera.  A small sample of what five minutes of goofing off equals with these two... happy; pretty; sweet.

And here the whole family.  Very dear, old friends (the friendship is old not the friends).  Our kids are about the age that we first started jumping the fence between our yards to play some thirty years ago.  If Audrey Hepburn was right I must have been looking rather pretty myself that morning; I sure was happy hanging out with good friends and sweet girls.

Thanks Jenny for being my friend all these years and thank you both for letting me capture your family!


On a side note: I have no idea what is up with the low quality pics on the blog.  Blogger? Photoshop? User error?  Anyone else having this issue with blogger?  

June 6, 2012

All Boy {I Heart Faces June Challenge}

We are all about boys in this house!  The big challenge comes in capturing a photo that isn't all boy.  We got dirt and bugs, piles of legos, guns and swords, potty jokes and wrestling all up in this house.  I was going through my pictures to get printed and came across the below picture.

It might not scream all boy to some people but to me it does on many levels.  The boys are using the slip and slide to race sticks, the little one is using his finger as a gun, and seconds after this picture was taken they were all in a heap wrestling over who got primo "pool" spot.  That's 'all boy" to me :)

I'm adding this photo to the i heart faces All Boy photo challenge.  Click on the pic below to check out the other entries.

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