August 1, 2012

Let's go to the Beach | Outer Banks 2012 Vacation

The beach.... one of my favorite places.  I'm especially fond of this one in the Outer Banks since Phil proposed here and we came back the following year to get married on the same beach.  If you can mentally block out the very looong drive its the perfect vacation.  27 people in one house, one 9 bedroom house, private pool and hot tub, short walk to the beach and lots of family time.

This was just after arriving... notice Aiden's (on the right) happy jig.  Happy to be out of the car; happy to be seeing the ocean:

First taste of the salt water:

 Oh yeah, that's pure joy on his face:

 And that's the taste of saltwater on his face:

 Boogie boarding

Evenings on the beach were the best

Cousins who haven't seen each other in years:

Family beach shot (thanks Amy!)

Almost all of the grandkids with my mom (who made this trip possible, thank you mom!)

And my East Coast(ish) neices who I only get to see every few years

We already have so many special memories of our times spent in the Outer Banks and now we have even more.  I love my family :)


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