July 5, 2010

Happy Independence Day!!!

freedom (noun)
1. The state of being free, of not being imprisoned or enslaved.
2. The lack of a specific constraint, or of constraints in general; a state of being free, unconstrained.

We had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend with the requisite parade, carnival, barbecue, swimming, and of course fireworks and family. The boys got to go to the parade with their cousins and they were all absolute troopers in the stifling heat. The candy and bubbles were main attractions for them (never mind that there were clydesdale horses and marching bands!)

That's Maddie-O catching bubbles at the WG parade. >>>

Freedom is a slippery slope for me as a mom.  Of course I want my kids to have freedom... freedom to express themselves, freedom to be creative, freedom from fear and all the injustices and bad things in this world.  Is it bad that I just don't want them to be independent quite yet?  Maybe when they're 30 I'll be able to let go.

Oh and for the time being that whole freedom thing we're celebrating does not extend to their rights to the candy jar.  I've definately put constraints on that ~ sorry boys!  I think half the fun was checking out their candy stash anyway... that's them below checking out the candy loot for about the 100th time. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!

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