September 25, 2010

MKD sneak peek | St. Louis Child Photographer

Today I got to photograph three sisters.  These girls are absolutely gorgeous and fun!  I was really feeling quite content with the size of my family - two boys suits us just fine.  But after these pictures I'm kind of wishing I had a girl.  Beautiful weather this morning but wet grass everywhere; we managed just fine.  I'm pretty sure I could put these girls in front of a dumpster and they'd prettify it.  It was really hard to even choose which pictures to put up so I let my kid choose.  Here's the oldest sister:

And the middle sister.  Same gorgeous blue eyes; just add curls...

And baby sister.  She is a firecracker!  One is such a lovely age.  Its too bad one year olds are so hard to capture in a picture.  Video is probably the way to go.  
We didn't get professional pictures of our oldest son from the time he was 9 months until he was 2 years.  We tried. We took him to the studio - they tried. We have a lot of pictures of the back of his head from that era.  Trying to catch pictures of baby sister here reminded me a lot of those days.

Thank you, Tina and Christopher, for letting me photograph your beautiful family. Your girls were really fun to be around. I'll have more pictures to share soon!

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  1. Thank you so much. The pictures I have seen so far are awesome!!!!