October 23, 2010

looking for the good

It's been a rough month.  Honestly, I don't really care much for the month of October.  I associate it with too much that's negative.  Then there's the weather, which can be beautiful but too often its a glimpse in to winter (which I also don't care for).  I've been feeling down and my funk must be wearing off on the boys.  I need to reset, re-evaluate, and remind myself of the things I'm thankful for and the wonderful things that surround me.  The things I enjoy are easy to find when I look.  I see them daily; I just don't always see them.  Every day, at my kitchen sink, I get an eyeful of good, things I enjoy, things that I am thankful for...

My "new" chair.  It was free - somebody kicked it to the curb.  After a thorough cleaning it's sitting in a temporary location waiting for some refinishing on the wood legs.  Phil does not like this chair but I love this chair. I do.  It's sturdy and the kids like to pile in it and watch me work on projects.  I also love coffee.  Every day.  Love.

And of course my kids.  I love them, I'm thankful for them, I need them.  They are crazy little people with a ton of energy and even though I maybe, might have, once or twice, possibly threatened to trade them in, I wouldn't trade them for the world.  Those little moments.  I'm thankful to be so blessed.  That's good. 
There are definitely days (or hours) that are easier than others...
And the man that made those kids possible, my husband.  He is good.  I love him. Every day.  He is sturdy and he is a master at pulling me out of my funks.  Most definitely thankful for him - hey October is seeming better already.  :)


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