November 3, 2010

Haircut time... so long beautiful little girl

We had a lot of fun trick or treating and the people were soooo nice.  I can't tell you how many times I heard 'what a beautiful little girl'.  Too bad I don't have a girl.  I had a yoda.  A yoda who needs a haircut apparently.  Here he is in costume with his hair all tucked in (you can't see the flowing locks out the back).  And in fairness to the compliment givers his hair did not stay tucked in long.  And he is beautiful.

This guy does not like hair cuts. It took multiple bribes just to get him to stop running from me shrieking.  Thank goodness we have a rather large stash of Halloween candy to bribe him with.  This is the before.  He's clutching a sucker in those tight little fists.

 Here is the during.  I had him sit on a step stool that I placed in the sink and covered with a towel.  The buzzed off hair went in to the other side of the sink (yes, hun I had the drain plugged.  no hair went down the drain.  He fought me but I'd just tell him to put the sucker back in his mouth before it got hairy.  ick.
I finished him up with scissors... totally winging it.  I'm not even going to pretend I'm good at this.  I gave him a bath and cleaned off all the hair.  Then I saw it was still pretty bad.  Thank goodness for hair product.  We just spiked it up a bit; like we did the whole uneven cut on purpose.  Then after I get him dressed and ready to go pick up his big brother I noticed that the hair product ruse wasn't gonna cut it.  I had to trim a bit more on top.  Five minutes til we had to be out the door.  What to do? what to do?  Hmmmm, I know, I'll lay him down on the counter with his head over the sink and just snip away.   I have to say it was pretty effective.  Don't laugh...

And the after, as he is enjoying bribe part 2.  I get the feeling I won't be in charge of haircuts around this house anymore.  I think he looks adorable though.


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