February 21, 2011

Joy of Love {days 15 thru 21}

Its week 3 of the Joy of Love project.  I think I've started a project I can actually finish.  It helps that February is the shortest month of the year.  The prompt for Day 15 is "kiss".  I had a different picture for this one but after our attempt at family portrait Round 2 (below) the boys ran off to man[handle] the camera and we got this.  We actually now have several shots of just the two of us - thanks boys!  Soon the camera was pushed a little to close to the edge of the stool it was propped on by all their button pushing (so I also have several shots of me crawling madly towards the tipping camera. thanks boys.)

Day 16: together (self portrait).  This was Round 2 of our together portrait.  There is a bag of chocolate chips behind us because Round 1 did not go so well.

Day 17: Staying in.  We've done a lot of that lately.  Boredom always leads to underwear on the head.  I have boys, I guess I should get used to this sort of thing.  He's also started to wear his jacket as a cape.  He loves the super hero role - I'm just not sure what power the underwear on his head affords him??  Thank goodness for a bit of nice weather and day 18... going out.  All underwear is worn under pants in public

Day 19: when they are gone.  When his big brother is gone, off at school, I get to fill in as his playmate.  Sit and spin never gets old.  I don't fit on it (thank goodness!) I get to cheer from the side lines: spin, buddy, spin!

Day 20: when they are home.  When daddy is home his lap becomes THE place to be.  Mr. Stubborn refused to take a nap and decided that he'd take cover from me in daddy's lap. I stared him down (have I mentioned I'm stubborn).  I left the room for two minutes and come back in to them both napping. I'm jealous.
Day 21: hands.  Those little hands.  He still clasps his little hands around our necks.  It is one of the best feelings ever.  They get bigger and you still get hugs, which are awesome, but there's nothing quite like the little hands on little arms that can't quite reach around you so they grab on where they can.  bliss.


  1. These are all incredible! I love the one of the boys sleeping and you and Phil kissing. What a good month for your pics!

  2. Thanks Julie! Its weird putting myself in front of the camera