February 28, 2011


I'm hiding. Seriously.

I'm hiding from this:

I told the boys I was going downstairs to do laundry.  They don't like to help with laundry.  They are thankfully unaware that Monday is laundry day and today is not Monday.
***yes, I know the day you're reading this is Monday but this happened on Sunday.  This blog is not always in real time ;)

I am downstairs. Not doing laundry. I'm Hiding. It's come to this.

He is in rare form today.  Strike that.  It isn't exactly 'rare form' these days.  Its the norm.

A simple reminder to 'say please' somehow manages to turn in to an hour long showdown.  His little fists will beat anything within range.  His legs.  The chair. Me.  Hitting is not allowed, but if when it happens it requires an apology in this house. Apparently he doesn't take requests.

I can see him struggling inside.  Consequences of his actions that he'll face versus his need to be in control.  I'm struggling too.  Teach him right from wrong and be mentally exhausted or turn a blind eye and let him get away with it all.

His big brother is watching.  He knows the rules.  He already sees that his little brother gets certain advantages (like being carried more often, shorter time-outs).  He's been on the losing side of his little brother's hitting and biting attacks.  I have to stay strong and ride this tantrum out.

I am surprisingly calm through his tantrums.  I'm sure the neighbors hear his high-pitched screams and think I'm beating him.  I'm not. Hitting is not allowed.

But now I'm exhausted.  And I fear any single wrong word will set him off again.

I'm choosing not to battle by way of avoidance.

I'm hiding.


Here's a little ode to the temper tantrum (and a little reminder to myself that even the crankiest little monkey just needs a little love)


  1. I have tears in my eyes! I know how you, I have been on your side so many times I can not count. But in the end I always take a deep breath and remember to be thankful for what a special gift it is to have a little boy in my life, and no matter how hard the moments are each one is special. I remind myself that some day he will grow up, fall in love and no longer want me to hold him after he cries.
    Here is to the boys that make us crazy with love and sometimes just crazy! :)

  2. Oh that face! It's ok to hide and have a moment to yourself (ahem, excuse me I mean to do laundry). There will always be frustrating days, but they just make you appreciate those pouty little faces that much more. I just remind myself that eventually my daugther will be a teenager and want to have nothing to do with me and then she will be a wife, a mother and have little time for me. I just try to embrace each day for eventually they won't be those little squishies anymore.

  3. I can't even bear to glimpse forward to the days they no longer let us hold them when they cry or when they want nothing to do with us! It terrifies me to think someday they won't need me *this* much. Please stay little, please stay little, please..... :)