March 11, 2011

March 10 on 10

In an effort to force myself to pick up my camera during this never ending gloomy day marathon I'm joining A Bit of Sunshine's Ten on Ten today.

once a month on the tenth taking a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours. Finding much life and beauty amongst the ordinary things of our day! To participate simply visit the blog (at the link below) on the tenth of the month and add your blog to the linky party so that all can check out your day!

ten on ten button
1. A little handprint on a fogged up window that I have no intention of cleaning
2. Daddy left his computer behind (a rare treat for the boys!)

3.  Playtime downstairs
4.  An hour later; still playing...

5.  Lunch out with Grandma.  He's getting ready to flip a frog at his brother hence the expression
6.  Lunch is over; they didn't eat their fruit.  Bad babies!  ;)

7.  They rebel against nap time.  We made an attempt at quiet time.  Quiet time resulted in both of them falling off the bed and getting hurt.  I sang the no more monkeys jumping on the bed diddy to them (I'm such the sympathetic mommy)

8.  Coloring birthday cards for Daddy. (that's a volcano drawing - he's obsessed with volcanoes)

9.   He's so adamant that his underwear goes on backwards. I'm not going to argue.
10.  Birthday dessert for daddy - Hershey's Pie

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  1. Your boys are adorable!

    I'm thinking that if 5pm would be my favorite part of your day! :o)