April 27, 2011

Announcing Beginner Photography Workshop | St. Louis

Are you a mom who just got a sweet new camera and wants to learn how to take amazing pictures of your little ones? Or do you know someone who does? Sign up for the upcoming Outside the Box photography workshop - a fun workshop for beginner DSLR camera owners.  What's a DSLR camera?  Basically a camera that you can change lenses on.

We are very excited to announce a new St. Louis Photography Workshop for beginner DSLR users. This workshop is intended for moms who are interested in achieving better pictures by learning to use all of the functions on their cameras and understanding how to make those pictures happen. If you are frustrated with your results or intimidated by your camera; if you continually set your dial to the green box automatic mode; then this is the workshop for you. Its time to take control, empower yourself, learn manual mode and get your camera outside the green box.

What is it?
Four hours on a weekend.
Two instructors to teach you, and give you undivided attention and support.
The setting is comfortable and relaxed.
We take you through the basics of photography...the very basics.
We teach you the technical mumbo-jumbo then help you to make sense of it.
We show you what makes a great photograph happen.
We turn you loose on our child models to photograph, to make the lesson stick.
We review the photos for opportunities of improvement.
We'll even be there afterwards for support.

Please check out the site at Outside the Box Photography Workshops for upcoming St. Louis workshop dates. Or become a fan on on the Facebook Page.

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