March 9, 2012

*that* kind of day

You know how it goes... you're just doing your thing; living life; doing what you need to do.

Then someone comes along and starts getting all up in your business.  They make you uncomfortable, or sad, or angry.  Maybe just frustrated.

You can object. perhaps voice an opinion

Then you realize you're voice is small and your words are not heard and you just sort of resign yourself to endure whatever indignity or annoyance has come your way.
Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words ~ Calvin & Hobbes 

Yeah, its that kind of day.  Heck, its been that kind of week for me.  I feel your pain buddy.  Good thing ice cream* has magical soothing powers and tomorrow is another day.

*by ice cream I mean wine... but just for me, not him


  1. Just testing out this comment section... thanks for looking ;)

  2. Your pictures are indeed worth a thousand words . . . but the words help.

  3. Thank goodness for "ice cream" in my house too :)

  4. Thanks anonymous!

    Melissa: either kind of ice cream is very much welcome here. I'd combine the two if that didn't sound absolutely disgusting ;)