December 14, 2012

A Snow Day Birthday {Aiden turns five}

His birthday is just before Christmas and the weather is usually horrible so we don't often do anything big to celebrate.  This year whenever we asked him what he wanted for his birthday was snow.

Just snow.

With not a snowflake in the forecast we set to work as soon as the kids went to bed.  My hands cramped up with all the cutting.  Dad tried the cut-five-snowflakes-at-a-time method.  I don't recommend it.  We carefully hung each one up, taping them to the ceiling.  Taking turns catching each other as we wobbled on chairs balanced on our tippy toes.  How the kids didn't wake up with all our snickering and crashing around I don't know.

A white blanket on the ground, hundreds of snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.  It was the closest thing to snow we could give.

After two nights the kids asked us to take them down because the snowflakes were "creeping them out at night".  But I have pictures to prove there were smiles and awe on his birthday morning surprise.

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