June 4, 2013

Baby Paxton | A Birth Story {St. Louis Birth Photography}

Mom was scheduled for a c-section; her second. My first.  There was no hours of laboring, just waiting and prepping.  (Hmmm,I think 9 months of pregnancy is a major labor of love, so really that's a lot of hours of laboring).

Donned in OR attire, It was time to start.

I believe there were 15 people in the room, not including baby Paxton.  Only three of us (mom, dad, me) were not medical professionals.  This was my view.  I thought I would be on the other side of the curtain but I got to watch the amazing-ness of a baby being born

I was too stunned with all the amazing-ness to note if this was before or after they called time of birth.  He still has one foot in.

First peek for mom and dad... First pose for the camera... another peek for mom and then off to the baby nurses for care.

Hello dad...nice to meet you.
 Another peek for mom from across the room.

 I got to sneak off with dad while they weighed him.  Mom was stuck behind on the table.
 Together as a family..

Getting swaddled up tight for the trip back to the recovery room.  (FYI: most babies are not this cute so soon after being born)
 Oh sweet baby feet!

A few quiet moments back in recovery

This is just a fraction of his birth story.  So many incredible moments in such a short time.  I couldn't possibly fit them all here!  Congratulations to mom and dad on their beautiful baby boy!  It was such a honor to be allowed to capture these for you.

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