September 6, 2010

Happy Labor day...

I like holidays; especially when it means the out of town siblings are coming in town.  Holidays equal extra adult time for me with my family and (way too much) extra playtime for my kiddos with their cousins.  I always forget that holidays also equal: crabby kiddos with whacked out sleep schedules; a seriously higher level of noise and chaos; and a house in disarray from being away from home for the better part of the weekend.

Of the 5 five sisters, only one lives out of town.  When she makes it in town it provides a shatter proof excuse to get out with the girls.  For that I am thankful.  Thank you, Therese, for driving all this way so I can get a night out ;)  I'm pretty sure she would be thankful everyday for these two things alone: peace and a cup of tea...

...and her kids, of course.

Labor day weekend reminded us it was the end of summer and we had not yet pulled out the kiddos 4-wheeler.  We charged up the battery and the boys spent a good hour tearing up the yard:

Then Phil decided they needed bug spray, which was not well received:

And last but not least one of my nephew because I almost never catch pictures of him:

He's a wicked-cool kid.

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