September 3, 2010

Mommy is not in charge

My boys have often challenged the statement that I am in charge.  Today we had no plans, school was closed, and I was out of ideas and energy so I told them that THEY were in charge.  All day.  They took a few moments to figure out if I was 'for real' serious and then off they went to test the limits.

Thing 1 started by drawing up a plan for the day.  It involved birthday cake and candles.  And squirrels.
I explained to him that he was in charge, not me, so his activities had to be things that didn't require me to be in charge.  Like turning on the oven, etc. I think I saw an eye roll before he headed off to find something else to do.

Thing 2 took up the Leapster and quietly played for a good 30 minutes. Thing 1 actually helped him, without fighting.  So far, so good.

Thing 1 announces he is going outside to play; Thing 2 follows. Thing 1 has no shirt on; Thing 2 has no pants on.  If the neighbors start staring I'll just explain 'I'm not in charge today'.  At least Thing 1 had the sense to go back in and put on shoes:

So Thing 2 goes to get his shoes.  Too bad he isn't able to open the door.

Guess I'll wait here:

Yes! Thank goodness for big brothers that can open sticky doors:

(I can't believe they are taking this whole 'I'm not charge thing' to the point of not even bothering me for help!)

Got shoes, good to go:

 I did fix them lunch.  I'm sure there are some moral and legal limitations to not being in charge:

There was a LOT of running in circles around the house.  Something that is not allowed when mommy is in charge.

There was also a few moments of hitting the wall. Literally. With his face.

Which sent Thing 1 in to doctor mode.  He checked on my foot.  Apparently I have a case of "jar", which is stuff between the toes.

I got lots of requests to photograph various toys:

and teeth:
Luckily, daddy came home and ended their reign.  All in all they did really good all day.  I liked the break from saying no about a hundred times.  The house is total chaos, they desperately need a bath (or sterilization), and many rules were broken but I think they managed to wear themselves out all on their own.


  1. I love it!!! You made what sounds like a chaotic day look beautiful!

  2. Sounds like a fun and anti-mommying day without paying for a sitter, brilliant!