October 4, 2010

Grace and Owen Sneak Peek | St. Louis Family Photographer

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing these two siblings. Their mom and dad went for a walk and I got to spend some time alone with them.  Grace is smart and funny and will definitely be an athlete of some sort... or in the entertainment industry. And man can she climb a tree!  Owen is a 3 year old that actually listened to me - enough said? Nope, he's also a charmer and totally dug my jokes - I like these kids.  I really hope that my kids are this well behaved when they're not with me.

Dara, I know you didn't intend on being in the pictures but really you're a beautiful mom. The ones with you in them are some of my favorite pics of your kids.

Thanks guys! I enjoyed the time with your kids and catching up

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