October 5, 2010

old shirt, new shirt. small shirt, big shirt

Yes, we are Dr. Seuss fans in this house. One of my favorite Christmas gifts the year our second was born was a Thing 1 shirt and Thing 2 onesie. They never really fit both the boys at the same time. Now they have both definitely outgrown them.
I submit the following photos as evidence:

Have I mentioned I love these shirts?  I do. But while I'm perfectly okay with sending my kids outside half naked to play in the backyard I just couldn't possibly take them out in public wearing these (we are still at the stage where they have to hold my hand - can't deny knowing them while holding hands).

Good thing I know where to get $2 shirts (Michaels).  All I needed was a couple red shirts, some sharp scissors, and some no-sew iron on adhesive stuff:

I very carefully cut out the circles from the old shirts.  Phil sort of mocked my idea of cutting these out and making new shirts so I couldn't afford to make a mistake and let him be right.  I even managed to take a picture of myself while cutting the circles out with no mess ups.  I rock.

Then I followed the directions on the package to iron the paper onto the old shirt cutouts and then iron onto the new shirts:

While I had the iron out (it's been over a year since I've ironed. really.) I decided to iron on a pirate transfer to another $2 shirt... the other iron on transfer says 'yo ho ho and a bottle of rum' with a baby bottle picture on it.  My guys are a little too old for baby bottles so I'm saving that one for another project.

It goes great with the pirate gear

 Thing 1 really digs his new shirt:

Thing 2 not so much.

I think he's just bitter that he's not number one or maybe he preferred the skin tight onesie.  Probably the pout has more to do with the fact that he just woke up from nap and couldn't be bothered with posing for pictures.

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