November 20, 2010

Christmas Pictures, Christmas Card Ornaments, and a sale...

The past few weeks have included several attempts at getting a suitable photo of the boys for Christmas cards.  The criteria for suitable is merely no fingers in the nose, no choking each other, and preferably both faces in the pictures. Sounds easy?  Its not.

In between these little photo shoots I've been trying to come up with something a little different for our cards this year.  I wanted to do round ornament-like cards but couldn't find them anywhere.  I'd just about given up after briefly considering just printing them myself (the thought of cutting them each out by hand was nightmare inducing) when an email from the photo lab I use landed in my inbox. They were now offering die-cut print press items including (joy!) round die-cuts.  AND they're on sale (joy! joy!)

So I'm spreading the joy.  I created seven different designs (see the full set HERE) available to order through December 1.  For full details and pricing check out

Only 35 days until Christmas!

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