November 30, 2010

A long weekend of giving thanks

Since we don't host Thanksgiving dinner and don't have to be anywhere until after noon, Thanksgiving morning is a very laid back morning for us (thanks to you mom and mom-in-law!).  What to do with this lazy morning?  Break out the Nerf guns.  The Nerf guns were birthday gifts from September.  I've been hiding them because I didn't want to deal with the fall-out of unleashing my two little guys with guns and ammo.  But it was Thanksgiving and they pleaded so nicely that I caved and opened them.  Correction, dad caved and said we could open them, then he went back to bed for a morning nap. (thanks Phil).  We hung the target up on the window and both boys were very good about only shooting at the target (thanks boys, good boys).  We got some target practice in.  Their skills improved a lot once Phil reappeared and gave them a little lesson in aim.

Then we headed out to Phil's parents house for Thanksgiving dinner (lunch?) number 1.  There are nine grand kids here and six of them are 5 and under.  LOTS of fun.  They love Mimi and PaPa's house. Love it. I love how much they love it there. (thanks God for letting me meet and marry in to such a wonderful family)   We had the first snow of the season.  Not enough to play in but enough to make everything look pretty and bright.

Lots of playtime with cousins.  The "big" kids are so great with the younger ones.  They play with them til they drop.  My kids never sleep so well as they do after a day with cousins.

 Then on to my mom's house for dessert and more cousins.  How are these kids still on their feet?  The adults went out for our annual siblings T-day night out drinks while the kids stayed for a slumber party at Grandma's (thanks Natalie and Mom!).  It was a very full, long weekend with lots of family time.  I am so very thankful for my family(s)!  I am so very exhausted but I'm also very much looking forward to more at Christmas time.

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