December 1, 2010

A letter to my boys....

Dear Boys:

I'm sorry that I actually said the words "stop playing" to you today.  In hindsight it was a totally ridiculous thing to say to two young brothers. playing together. in the play room.  What I meant to say was "Mommy is tired and the noise level of your playing is making my head hurt".  What I realized, in hindsight, is that you are two and five year old, rough and tumble boys, and it is your job to play.  What I should have done is joined in the playing because its hard to notice how loud you're being when I'm laughing right along with you.  I failed today.  I've done it before. I'm pretty sure I'll do it again.  But I promise for every fail, I will attempt to make it up ten-fold. Tomorrow we will play. You two will probably yell (a lot).  I will try not to yell.  At the end of the day when you both are quietly sleeping it is so easy to look back and laugh. And smile.  How can this not make me smile?
This is a picture of happy kids.  You make me happy.  I hope someday you are lucky enough to have kids that make you laugh and smile.  I hope that tomorrow I will remember to laugh and smile with you when you're awake to see it.


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