January 21, 2011

Tin Can Telephones

Late night TV time and those soup commercials keep coming on... you know the ones where the people are calling the soup company on the tin can "phone" to talk to their grandmother? No? Just me? Well, whatever, it sparked an urge to make a tin can telephone for the boys.

Two cans, some string... how easy is this?!? All you need...2 cans, string, hammer, nail, and a sucker an assistant to hold the nail.

1. Thoroughly wash the cans and remove labels
2. Poke a hole through the bottom of the can using a nail and hammer
3. Thread string though the holes of each can and tie a large knot on inside of can
4. Try to explain the science of it all to your kids while they loudly yell into their cool new phones, ignoring everything you say.

A few tips... Mason string is not the best choice (we were on a speedy errand run and it was that or twine). I've read that kite string is best. Cans with pop off tops are no good - they leave a sharp ring around the opening.

I decided to hang these up in the boys room. They are in bunk beds and sometimes play in there fort style... every fort needs a tin can phone, right? I put them at the foot of the bed to discourage bedtime phone calls.

I called the husband a "few" times during the day trying to determine the safest way to put the eye screws in the wall. Call 1: can I nail a hammer in for a pilot hole?; Call 2: will the plaster get messed up if I drill a pilot hole?; Call 3: do I need to use an anchor even if we're only talking about a few ounces of weight to support? Mid-day my hubby walks through the door with this:
Just for me. He loves me, he really loves me! Its all mine. The boys have been informed "hands off, its mommy's special toy". Now if I could just get him to walk through the door with my very own nail gun.

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