January 22, 2011

Snow Day!

Isn't it lovely to wake up to a snow covered world knowing that you have no where you have to be?  No clearing off the car or navigating the slippery roads.  It was a no rush, laze around kind of  morning.  I had bought a snow tube earlier in the week in preparation for the forecasted snow and the kids started getting anxious to get out in the snow.

Let Operation Bundle-Up begin!  It always amazes me just how long the process of putting on snow gear takes... so an hour later:

 We were sledding on a small hill behind our house.  I was in charge of pictures.  Phil was in charge of getting them up and down the hill; adjusting gloves and pants; clearing off snow covered faces. I definitely got the easy part of the sledding.

Little brother was getting cold and big brother had to go to the bathroom.  Bathroom breaks are a deal breaker... no way I'm doing the unbundle, rebundle, unbundle all over.  They were both chilled and in need of some hot chocolate.

And the aftermath... enough clothing for two loads of laundry and towels spread all through the house.

Its worth it.  It was the first time sledding for both boys and they loved it.  They're already asking to do it again.  More snow in the forecast for this weekend - maybe I'll ditch the camera and join in this time. 

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