January 28, 2011

Living in the Land of Legos

The boys have been fans of legos for a while now but ever since our trip to Disney World and their introduction to Star Wars, they've moved from fan to fanatic.  They love the Star Wars lego ships, the mini figures, the building of it all.  After trying out some smaller sets we've moved on to bigger sets and I gotta say, this kids pretty good...

 It works out because while he's obsessed with the ships Little Brother is obsessed with the "guys".  Anakin Skywalker was the one thing he took to bed night after night.  We often woke up to cries of 'where my ky-walker'.  Anakin was so loved his face has long wore off and he now has a yellow lego head.  He is still loved. Legos are now banned from bedtime to prevent mid-night wake up calls.
Little Brother hoards these lego guys... collects them in bins and boxes and carries them wherever he can.  The other day I found him placing them each neatly in their own little seat along the edge of a 5 gallon paint bucket.  He was pretty excited to have me take pictures of his "creation".  Usually its big brother's lego creations that get photographed (mostly because I know they'll never be the same again after being played with) but now its your turn buddy... here's all the "guys"

Is it totally ridiculous how excited I get over his compulsive need to line them up nice and orderly?  I love order!  And yes we have a random paint bucket amongst their toys.  It's been used as a chair, a table, a rocket, a catchall, a weapon (they manage to make anything here in to a weapon), a catchall, and now a lego guy round table.  That's a lot of bang for two bucks.

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