February 3, 2011

Joy of Love {day 3: then and now}

Day 3 of the Joy of Love is then and now. "How long have you known your loved one? What has changed since you first met him or her?".  I've only known my kids a few years but the changes in them from then to now are incredible.  I've known Phil a long time and I just don't see that he looks much different now than he did then.  If I look back at pictures I can see it and I like pulling out the old albums and looking at pictures of him so he's my focus for day 3.

I met Phil just over 12 years ago; I actually went to high school with him years before meeting him... just somehow never managed to meet him. We've gone from our young twenties to our late thirties. The typical changes have occurred in both of us: a little less hair, a few more wrinkles, a lot more aches and pains, and a little shifting of weight.

I loved "then" but I love "now" better. I do wish I could visit "then" sometimes, for maybe a few hours, but I'd quickly come back to now.  We've come a long way, we make a good team, we have a wonderful life.  It took years to build all that (but surprisingly little effort).

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On a side note:  Happy Birthday to my sisters! and love and prayers to my mom for a quick and problem free surgery and recovery.

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