February 4, 2011

Joy of Love {days 4 thru 8}

Joy of Love {day 4: what they wear}
Phil's daily wear for work.  The hat is a standard for him, work or weekend, through the winter. I see this image 5 days a week as he's preparing to head out the door and then again when he gets home (only with a little more dust, dirt, or paint on him)

Joy of Love {day 5: love to hate}
He is 3.  He has hit the terrible two's.  He has a voice now and he uses it daily to state his many opinions, his many strong opinions.  More stubborn than me (I'm hard to beat in the stubborn department).  I am constantly (and silently) reprimanding myself for daring to engage in a battle with a three year old.  It is exhausting.  This is him refusing to say sorry; he's putting me in 'time-out' as a penalty for requesting that he tell his brother sorry.  This I ignore; but he insists repeatedly for another 10 minutes of the drive home that "I not say sorry - you go time-out".  As my mother has always told me... one day you'll have a child just like you.

Joy of Love {day 6: who they love}
He loves mommy and daddy.  He loves his little brother "pretty much". He loves his aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins.  He loves his teachers and classmates.  He loves everybody who is anything in his life.  I couldn't pick one person (and neither could he) so I focused on the objects he loves.    He is loving his stuffed animals, some from his baby days.  His "pets".  He cares for them, cuddles them, sleeps with them.  It takes me back to when he was still in a crib and his number of must-sleep-with items went from 2 items to 8 items.  

Joy of Love {day 7: generations}
The framed photos on the wall haven't been swapped out in years (at least 4 years).  Its on my list of things to change up but they're all classics so I'm hesitant to do so.  The boys love to pick out mommy and daddy in the pictures.  They can even pick out some of their aunts despite the photos being 10+ years old (sisters, you've aged well).  They love the pictures of young grandma and grandpa but I'm pretty sure they don't believe me 100% that those pictures are really of grandma (mom, you've aged well too.  I'm sure it's just the wedding dress throwing them off).  This wall of photos is a conversation starter every time with them.  They get to hear stories of multiple generations and extensions of our family.  They get to hear stories of a grandpa and an uncle they've never met.  Hmmm, I think I just took changing it up off my list of things to do.

Joy of Love {day 8: gift from the heart}
I love spring time for many reasons.  One of them being that I really dislike winter.  Another being that I get wild flowers brought to almost daily.  Big brother is so proud of the gifts he picks out for me; so happy when he sees me proudly display them.  He is a pleaser; he loves to make people happy.  The pine cones are one of the last gifts he brought me before the snow and ice buried everything for weeks. They are in a jar on the buffet, maybe not as lovely as the gifts of spring but still given with love.

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