March 29, 2011

Second chances

We do a lot of second chances in this house; every day.  Sometimes third, fourth, and even fifth chances.

I have a magnet on my fridge that states "Love is an endless act of forgiveness", which I think is appropriate for every marriage.  Socks on the floor...again? Forgive.  Seat up...again? Forgive.  Usually the forgiveness comes before I've even had a moment to feel anger over these little annoyances.

With the kids its all about second chances.  Can you imagine where all of us would be had we not been given second chances?  I know I would not have made it out of my teenage years without many second chances.  My little guys are really pushing their boundaries right now.  But its good. They're learning about consequences and second chances.  Getting a chance to get it right. Figuring out who they are: the super hero or the bad guy.  Thankfully, they strive for super hero status most days.