April 5, 2011

A Different View

We had beautiful weather this weekend so off to the park we went!  This guy is in love with the swings right now.  Right past the slides and playgrounds, straight to the swings he goes.  "Push me", "higher!"

Taking pictures in the harsh mid-day sun is challenging.  Blown out, overexposed pictures and squinty eyes are constant obstacles.  But you can change your view and make the best of it.

Here's your basic straight on picture. A little boring

Get up higher... Maybe angle the camera (don't do this for all your photos or you'll get a crick in your neck viewing them) :)

Get down low...

Even lower...

Try another angle, it helps tell a story. Like the day daddy practically dumped him out of the swing...
(really it just looks like he's practically falling out he was laughing and loving it)

A different perspective...

I like that I  have more than just a picture of him in the swing.  I like that I have a story of pictures of the  time when he loved the baby swings.

So, in summary, out-maneuver the sun; change your angles; tell a story.


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