May 18, 2011

Changing Seasons

It's been such a cold and rainy weekend I could almost forget we were in the midst of a mini heat wave just a few days ago.  This is the weather we've been waiting for for months.  Time to play OUTSIDE!  A legitimate reason for the boys to wear no pants and no shirts.  Bring on the sprinklers!

"look mom! I can jump with my eyes closed!"

He thinks doing a bootie dance over the sprinkler is hilarious.  So does his little brother

All he wanted to do was drink from the sprinkler.
For you photography workshop ladies the camera settings for the above pics are:  f3.2  1/400  ISO125.
It was a really bright day with full sun but we were in the shade of the tree.

Later as the sun was setting...f2.8  1/160  ISO200

Two days after these pictures were taken I was digging through the packed up winter clothes for sweatshirts to wear and the heat in the house was back on. Again.  Gotta love St. Louis weather.



  1. OOh Ooh! I love the new "settings" info with your pics. I have been trying to play around with mine a lot more. Great pics of the boys! My girls wanted to get our sprinkler out on Monday. This weather is so confusing!

  2. Hey Shannon - I noticed your Day at the Park pics were looking really good (I meant to ask if you were using the new lens!)