May 23, 2011

Baby Girl Harper | St. Louis Newborn Photographer

At just six days old and just over six pounds this little girl is giving me baby fever big time.  Such a sweet little baby (she's also my niece, I might be a little biased, but I'm certain she is beautiful).

I am the baby whisperer :)  Put any baby in my arms (well except my own) and I will bore it to sleep.  Until I set them down... sigh.  It took a little work - if you call cuddling a baby work - to get her in to a deep sleep but once there she was putty in my hands.

Those tiny little baby feet!  She looks a lot like her brothers when they were babies in this one...
Hello squishy baby lips....

I definitely have baby fever.  My husband does not.  So if you know of any soon to be born babies that need photos done please send them my way.  I need a baby fix :)


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