June 1, 2011

Newest additions to the family

The boys have wanted a pet for quite a while now.  We debated on hamsters or some other small animal since a dog doesn't fit in with our life right now.

Somehow I came to the decision of chickens.  They stay outside.  Their food is cheap.  They provide eggs (bonus!) and their poop is more manageable then dogs (in my opinion) since you can compost it.

You can order baby chicks through the mail but I wanted the boys to be a part of picking them out.  So off to the farm we go!

The boys each got to pick out two chicks.  They picked sexed link chicks, so they could pick out girls.  Boy and girl chicks are born different colors.  They knew if we wound up with a boy that it would have to go back to the farm.  A rooster wouldn't be tolerated too well in this neighborhood. And they wanted to be SURE they didn't have to send their pets back.

We went to Duda Lang Farms in House Springs.  They were great!  The boys got to see chickens, roosters, turkeys, peacocks.  She even let them feed some bread to the goats and baby cow.
I'm pretty sure that Turkey is bigger than him!

Home safe and eating out of their hands.

They'll be in the garage where its warm for the next 6 weeks.  Then they'll be ready to move out to the coop.

The coop that we're in the midst of building.

Well the beginning of building.

I'm sure there's plenty of adventure ahead for us!


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