June 3, 2011

Preparing to Build

We've done a lot of research on this whole chicken business.  But when a friend offered to let me and the boys come by to see their backyard chickens and coop I was all for it!  Nothing like getting to see these sort of things in person instead of just online.

They had quite a setup!  And the coop is a little larger than the one we're planning but it was great to see and let the kids have some hands on time with the big chickens.

 Then we got to work on our own. (I swear the spot we picked is shady for about 75% of the day - I managed to pick a moment to photography it when it wasn't full shade).  The coop is going in next to the shed.  It's the farthest place from the neighbors.  I got to dig ditches.

The boys helped.

Well, the boys stayed out of the way.

The settings for the three photos above are all:  f/3.2, ss1/400, ISO 125.

I know it may look like a slip n' slide to you but it's actually a really long drinking fountain.

The chicks are growing fast and the weather is getting hotter by the day.  Time to pick up the pace on building this coop.


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