June 10, 2011

Progress, progress, progress...

We've gotten a huge amount of work done on the chicken coop (thanks to Phil mostly).  I took the boys to my sisters to swim on Sunday.  When we left the coop was just a frame, when we came back it was starting to look like a little house.  On Wednesday we managed to cut out and hang all the wire cloth (my job).

The boys helped too. Again by entertaining themselves on the slip n' slide which wasn't slippery enough.  My genius husband decided adding soap would make it more slippery.
 ISO 100 | ss 1/200 | f5.0 (54mm)
Not so much.  But it did make bubbles.  I checked bath time off the to do list for the night and we got several hours of undisturbed work done while the boys played on the bubble slide.
  ISO 125 | ss 1/320 | f4.5 (35mm)
Really, why do we bother buying toys? Dish soap, sticks, and cardboard boxes seem to entertain them longer than anything store bought.
 ISO 100 | ss 1/800 | f3.2 (28mm)
I'm also wondering if there's even a need to buy clothes.

They never seem to wear them.


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