June 19, 2011

These Chicks are Moving Out

I've been laid up with an evil, evil stomach virus for over a week now (my toothbrush has been discarded and the house bleached, thank goodness no one else in the house caught it) yet my husband managed to get a lot of work done on the coop.  I did manage a few hours of painting and building myself.
The roof and the access lid to the nest box has been almost finished since this picture was taken.  My husband rocks!

The girls are loving the room to run!  We put them out there every day and let them run around til dusk when its back to the garage for bedtime.
That's chopped hard boiled egg in their treat dish.  They loved it.  I find it a little weird feeding eggs to chickens. Anyone else?

The boys love being able to hang out with the chicks.  Taking out a piece of bread causes a feeding frenzy and tons of laughter from the kids

So far the chickens have been great pets for the boys and not too much work for me.

Building the coop has been the most time intensive and cost involved part of owning chickens.

No thoughts of 'maybe we should have gone with hermit crabs'.



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