June 22, 2011

Laziness: the Mother of Invention

We get the Family Fun magazine and the kids love looking through it.  The most recent issue has a "kid wash" you can build out of pvc pipe.

Have you seen it?
Deluxe Kid Wash (photo credit Family Fun)
My kids have seen it.  They have been begging to build it.  The coop construction has really taken up most of our extra project time (and hardware store budget).

The guilt of not getting around to the kid wash project was starting to eat at me a bit.

I wasn't up for another hardware store trip. I made do.
Is that a hose and nozzle bungee corded to your deck rails?

Why yes, yes it is.

Did my kids care it wasn't the super cool, pvc behemoth in the picture?

Well no, no they didn't.
In fact they were so excited one of them might have forgotten he didn't need to wear underwear with his swim trunks.

Fill up the truck. Dump the truck.  Fill up the truck. Dump the truck.  These are the moments that fool you in to thinking having kids is easy.

Looks like a shower, counts as a shower.  Right?
Love that Shot is having a birthday celebration this week and the theme is Splish Splash.... I'm linking up to this shot to enter their giveaway.  Want to see more splish splash photos or enter your own?  Head on over to Love that Shot.

Later in the evening after we returned home from dinner out, the boys were super excited to find eggs in the chicken coop...
Not sure who the prankster was that left the plastic eggs in there but it provided lots of jokes and giggles for the boys (with their cousin here) so thanks!

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