June 23, 2011

The Quiet One

Our second born.  The quiet one. Well, usually quiet. Or maybe just by comparison to his big brother.

With our first child we could sit and stare at him 24/7.  A single child gets a lot of attention and time.  You get to know every little detail about them.

When this guy was born I had a two year old running around.  A two year old getting in to everything; climbing (and falling); potty training.  There is no time for sitting around staring at a newborn when there's a two year old in the house.

But now... Now I have time to observe and really get to know this one.

He's tough.  The kid falls 20 times a day and just gets back up. No crying - no big deal. Our band-aid usage is up 200%.

He's an observer.  A quiet and thoughtful observer.  Always watching.  Always learning.

He accepts defeat and moves on.

He's content.  Able to just be.  Able to enjoy whatever is around him, even if nothing is around him.

He's quiet. Laid back.

And he knows how to have fun.  Deep belly laughs kind of fun.  He'll laugh when others laugh, even if he doesn't get the joke.

Don't get me wrong he also has a stubborn streak, can whine with the best of them when he wants, and can be louder than the average 3 year old at times. And don't get me started on his back-talk. But the quiet moments... well, those just melt me.



  1. The picture of aiden peeking out of the window is my new favorite Elizabeth Hall picture. That little swooshy face is screaming to be pinched!

  2. Thanks! It's one of my current faves now too.