October 6, 2011

Our first egg

There's been quite a ruckus in the hen house today.  A stealthy hawk has been stalking and swooping all morning so when I heard the chickens loudly fussing later on I ran out assuming I would be chasing off a hawk.

No hawk.

Instead I found our long awaited first egg...
Its a beautiful thing (once you look past the icky goop on it and the fact that it came out of a chickens rear end)

Not quite as big as a store bought egg

We also have something else in the hen house we hadn't planned on.

A rooster.

When we began this raising chickens journey I had always just planned on eggs go in the refrigerator we eat eggs.  This rooster has me all thrown off.

Now I have questions...
Is this egg fertilized?
Can we eat a fertilized egg?
Can we try and hatch baby chicks?

I don't have answers yet.  But the girls did get an extra treat today for giving us an egg and for being such good pets to the boys.

 Looking forward to many more egg hunts :)


  1. Came across this post. What a coincidence! We have just bought a coop. When the weather gets warmer (surely it must do at some point!) we are going to put it up and go and get some chicken. Nothing beats fresh eggs, so we're really looking forward to having our own. Will be interesting to see if our 7-year-old son helps with looking after the chicken as he promises he will :)

  2. Hi Mui! Our 6 year old helps feed them, lock them up at night, and collect eggs. He'll get more jobs as he gets taller :) Not sure what your seasons are like there but we got our baby chicks and raised them inside during the spring it was 8-10 weeks before we could move them outside! They are really a joy to have and we get about 2 dozen fresh eggs a week just from the four chickens. Good luck with it all!