October 18, 2011

superheros rock

He needs me for so many things.

I wonder if he knows how much I need him.

I'm sure everybody has hoped for a superhero in their life at some point.

I never would have guessed that a superhero would be one of the best things in my day to day life.

Lucky me I have two.

This one I call shadow boy (well, I call him a lot of things, shadow boy is one of the nicer ones).  He follows me everywhere, like my shadow, only he's there even when the sun isn't shining.

 Sometimes he's a viking hat wearing, samurai sword carrying, superhero.

I prefer shadow boy.

My superheros are less scary when they don't carry weapons.

I'm sure the masks and shields, and swords and capes will all disappear as they get older.

But I'm confident they will remain super and my heroes long after the accessories are gone.


  1. Love this! My youngest is also my shadow. I even made a song up for when she follows me. "Me and my sha-a-a-dow"

  2. Shannon - that's a real song!

    Check it out (kid friendly) http://youtu.be/CyEf1Lp7Byk

    I only know the one line and I sing it whenever the kids are shadowing me: Me and my shaaadow, strolling down the avenue...

    I think my mother used to play it on record or sing it to me when I was little